4 Football Party Supplies You Should Make Sure You Have!
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Football party supplies are great for creating that perfect birthday celebration especially when the Super Bowl season in full swing or fast approaching.

4 must-have party supplies for your football-themed gathering:

1) Party decorations - The first and easiest way to create a fun and memorable party is to get the appropriate decorations. You can get crafting or buy ready-made party supplies and decorations. Some great suggestions include: pennant flags, alphabet pennant banners, little pennant toothpicks for accents, pompoms, and of course balloons! Blues and whites are a great color-combo to start with.

2) Eating paraphernalia - Make eating more fun by serving drinks in Coca-Cola beverage cups or just by having them in sports bottles. Use the classic red and white striped straws, as well as popcorn boxes. You can also use plain brown paper bags.

3) Snack concession/centerpiece table must-haves - Create a breathtaking centerpiece of snack concessionary by garbing your long table with green table cloth (to represent a grass field), then add wooden crates, and stainless steel or metal buckets for holding the snacks and drinks. You can DIY spectacular tub of drinks with ice layering different sizes of plastic buckets and basins.

4) Cakes and souvenirs - Aside from great Football party supplies, cakes too are always super awesome. You can make one yourself by making it look like a football (oblong brown chocolate cake). If you want you can also add a plush football toy, some whistles, and other football party favors or souvenirs for this year’s party.

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